Santa Clarita: Drive-thru road rage caught on video



Video captured occupants of two different vehicles in a heated confrontation while in the drive-thru of an In-N-Out Burger Sunday in Valencia.

According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, calls about the incident, located at 27510 The Old Road, near the 5 Freeway, came in at around 12:30 p.m..

While it’s unclear what started the confrontation, the video shows two women exit a vehicle and approach the driver’s side door of a Subaru Outback behind them. Both women are then seen hitting the vehicle with bottles that spill an unknown liquid on the car.

A nearby In-N-Out Burger employee can be seen shaking his head, watching as the incident unfolded.

As the two women return to their vehicle, the driver of the Subaru, a woman, steps out of her car, as does a male from the backseat passenger side. Yelling can be heard by both parties, but it’s unclear what was being said.

One of the women from the vehicle in front of the Subaru then returns with another liquid-filled bottle and sprays it at the male passenger who gets back inside the vehicle to avoid getting dowsed. Two males then exit the Subaru armed with bottles of water that they begin throwing at the vehicle in front of theirs.

The confrontation escalates as one of the women from the vehicle in front pounds the hood of the Subaru and the other comes face-to-face with the female driver. All the parties then exit their vehicles and are seen yelling at each other as an In-N-Out Burger employee attempts to separate the parties and a small crowd of onlookers starts to form.

The parties continue screaming at each other before returning to their vehicles.

Deputies with the Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Station responded to the scene on reports of a “verbal argument,” but told KTLA that neither party wanted to press charges.

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