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Police records

Police records refer to the official documentation of the criminal history of a person. This is distinct from a police report, which is simply an account of a single count of crime or felony. The fastest way to obtain information about a person’s past records of arrests, charges, served sentences, outstanding warrants, even the arresting officer and agency, mugshots, and any other recorded information is by searching through police records online.

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Arrest Details

It is important to understand that An arrest does not amount to guilt or even a conviction. Arrested people may be acquitted if proven innocent in a law court. If a person has been booked or arrested in county jail, any information regarding the case like booking status, booked time, booking number, location, arrest date, charge status, case number, charge details, bond amount, and even personal details like race, sex, or date of birth can be immediately accessed.

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In most places, crimes are classified as infractions, misdemeanors, or felonies, in increasing order of gravity and punishment. Felonies are serious crimes that receive over a year in prison as punishment. They include charges like fraud, forgery, and counterfeiting, check fraud, mail fraud, tax evasion, obstruction, perjury, probation, parole violations, extortion, carrying a concealed weapon, possession of a gun without a license, threatening an official, manufacturing and/or distributing drugs, motor vehicle theft, grand theft, animal cruelty, treason, arson, kidnapping, aggravated assault and/or battery, manslaughter, vehicular homicide, murder, rape/sexual assault, child abuse, child pornography, etc.

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Misdemeanors are lesser crimes than felonies and receive a sentence of less than a year in jail. These include receiving trespassing, public intoxication, disorderly conduct, shoplifting, petty theft, embezzlement, vandalism, making a false report, hiding a runaway, simple assault, stolen property, domestic abuse, discharging a firearm within a city, burglary, restraining order violation, conspiracy, resisting arrest, criminal recklessness, child endangerment, prostitution, and possession of some controlled substances.

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What Other Information Is Available from a Police Record Search?

Driving Records

You will find any criminal cases of traffic violations in the driving criminal offenses section of police reports. These will include drunk driving arrests (called DUI, DWI, or OUI, depending on the state), speeding, citations (tickets), driving without a valid license, driving without insurance, reckless driving, aggressive driving, hit and run, etc!                           

Criminal Records

The Criminal Records contains all information about warrants, arrest records, misdemeanors, police records and jail records, felony records, convictions, as well as any details about the subject and their crimes

Most Asked Questions Relating to Police Records

How Do You Obtain Police Records?

You can contact the local law enforcement agency in person. Alternatively, you can also submit an online web form for this on their website. Obtaining police records require payment of an administrative fee. Online search tools on websites like  is another option.

How Do You Look up Police Records?

You can do this by entering the first name, last name, and state or city of the person of interest and clicking ‘Enter’. A list of possible matches is displayed, from which you can choose the right one

Where Can I Get All My Police Records?

You can simply visit and request a copy of your criminal records from the local or state police department. This will contain only the local or state convictions and arrest records.

How Can You Check Police Records without any cost?

You can check police records for free from the website of the sheriff’s office. Your insurance company can also give free copies if it was involved. Another option is using a website like where all Police Records from anywhere in the USA can be viewed for free

Are Police Records Accessible to The Public?

In most cases, police records are open for consultation to the public by the Public Records Act of the state. The exception is for files the information in which could put someone’s life in danger or result in an obstruction of an investigation, in which case, they are placed under restricted access.

Can You Get Your Police Record Cleared?

You might be able to clear your police record, at least partially, according to the rules in that state. You can get in touch with the closest law enforcement agency, your country court clerk, or look in their websites for further information on what to do.

Which Police Records are treated as Public Information?

Police records concerning arrest records, imprisonment history, outstanding warrants, unexpunged criminal convictions, arrest date, arresting agency and officer, and mugshots fall under Public Information.

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