Welcome to our website: trafficcrime.net (hereinafter termed as, “our site” or “the site”). The information on this page is meant to offer clarification on how visiting this website and using it affects your privacy.


In reference to personal information

We respect and recognize your right to privacy, and as such, your personal information is not shared with any second/third parties without your express permission. The only exception to this clause is when said information is required by law enforcement agencies or the judiciary or to handle litigations pertaining to our indemnity against claims.

We DO NOT support, condone or commit SPAM in any form or manner.

When you share your contact details with us, these are only used by us and our affiliates to notify you about the services/products that you are interested in/have requested/have purchased. This information is not used in any other form or manner, unless we have your consent to do so.


Pertaining to log files or anonymous information

Non-identifiable (i.e, anonymous) information is collected from all site visitors, for the express purpose of improving site usability and service to our customers. This data does not include your personal identifiable information, but it does include information such as: pages browsed, geographical location, browser used, time of site usage, exit page, source of reference, scroll data, OS type, IP address, clicks and hover data, and other such information…



This site, its affiliates and its advertisers use tracking and/or session cookies, which are placed on your computer. A cookie is essentially a small file that cannot be infected in itself, so it cannot install malware in your system. The two types of cookies used include:

Session ID cookies: These help you to better navigate our website by keeping track of your movement on the website. These are deleted as soon as you close the browser window.

Tracking cookies: As their name suggests, these files store information about your use of the website, including any purchases that you make and banners that you click on. This site and its affiliates may receive remuneration upon your purchase of a service/product and/or click on a banner. These cookies enable us to better target out sales efforts and to analyze their efficacy.

As the user of this website, you have discretionary rights whether or not to allow us to use cookies on your computer. This includes the ability to make browser changes to stop accepting cookies. However, doing so can impact your ability to view certain components of our site and to use some of its capabilities. You can also delete the cookies once your session with our site has ended.


Pertaining to the security of your information

We have state-of-the-art network security programs in place and make every effort to ensure the security of your data. However, no security measure is 100% guaranteed. Hence, we do not take any responsibility in any form for the breach of data caused due to illegal infiltration of our servers and/or data centers.

By using this website and while using it, you indemnify us against any losses that may come to be as a result of such data breaches. You also accept that you are exclusively responsible for all the information that you offer on and through this site.


Transfer of data internationally

The owners of this site do not offer any assurance that the data offered by you will be exclusively stored in datacenters in the US. This data is stored, transferred and accessed across and between all countries that the site operates in.

As such, the local laws of these countries pertaining to the protection, transfer, use, storage and processing of this data will apply to any information offered by you.

Privacy of minors

This site does not collect data from or encourage the use of this website to minors (any person under the age of 18 years). This website does not offer any services to children/minors and is not designed to be of interest to any person below 13 years of age.


Our right to make changes to our privacy policy

As the owners and operators of this site, we retain the right to make any changes at any time to this privacy policy. We can make such changes without notice. Any changes made by us come into effect immediately upon publication on this page. So, we encourage you to routinely check the contents of this webpage or read the clauses every time before you use this site and its features.


Visiting other sites through links on this site

Several features and services of this website require us to redirect our users to other websites. We may not necessarily own such websites in part or whole. The terms and policies, including the privacy policy of these third party websites can be different from those of this website.

We exercise no control over the policies nor over the operations of third-party websites. As such, we cannot be held accountable for any losses or damages caused by the use of such sites/services.


Your consent

By using this website and/or any of its features and services, you imply that you have read this privacy policy and have consented to its terms, including those that relate to the use of cookies and the usage and processing of the data specified herein.


Contact us

For further questions and clarifications pertaining to our privacy policy, please do get in touch by writing to us at https://trafficcrime.net/contact/.