RedSpeed camera citation fighting tips.



Opinions are divided on the RedSpeed cameras located in school zones in Albany, Georgia. In the past two years, over 118,000 tickets have been issued, generating more than $4 million in fines. However, this has resulted in a backlog in Municipal Court, with over 900 RedSpeed camera cases scheduled last year alone.

Barry Brooks, director of municipal court, predicts that this year’s number of cases will double. However, Redspeed camera court is only scheduled for the first two Thursdays of each month, and there have been complaints about people not receiving court notices. Brooks has brought these concerns to the RedSpeed Camera company and promised that those concerned would get their opportunity to come before a civil hearing. However, he cannot guarantee the timing.

Those who do not dispute their speeding ticket can face a car registration hold, and some people who contested their ticket in court had concerns about the timing and visibility of the cameras. However, state law allows the cameras to operate an hour before and after school hours. The latest school zone time is at 4:30 p.m. near Monroe High School.

First-time offenders in RedSpeed Camera Court receive a warning, and Brooks encourages anyone to come to court to evaluate the human factor of the citation. He advises taking care of it as early in the process as possible.

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