Kerala’s AI cameras enforce traffic.



AI Cameras to Monitor Traffic Violations and Enforce Fines

The Kerala Motor Vehicle Department has installed 726 AI cameras throughout the state to catch traffic infractions. From April 20th, fines will be imposed on anyone who breaks the law. The fully automated traffic enforcement system aims to eliminate the need to flag down vehicles for inspection. The AI cameras will monitor traffic violations, with 675 cameras used to catch drivers without seatbelts, two-wheelers without helmets, and cars that don’t stop after an accident. Additionally, 4 fixed cameras will detect speeders, 18 will catch those who jump red lights, and 25 will catch illegal parking. Control centers will be established in each of the 14 districts.

The AI cameras are solar-powered, and a 4G LTE SIM is used to send data. The visual processing unit in the camera box examines every vehicle. The Motor Vehicles Department control room receives photos of vehicles that disregard traffic laws, along with the driver’s details. The system collects six months’ worth of infraction footage, with up to 30,000 penalty notifications possibly delivered in a day.

The state’s transport commissioner, Sreejith IPS, said that the public need not worry about the AI cameras operating in the state, but should simply follow the road regulations. The AI cameras are intended to reduce traffic accidents by 20%, according to the transport commissioner.

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