Illinois Driving Records



Driving records provide detailed information about a person’s driving history, including any driving violations or accidents. In Illinois, driving records are maintained by the Illinois Secretary of State’s office and are a critical component of the state’s driver licensing program.

This article will explain what Illinois driving records are, how to obtain them, and how to use them.

What are Illinois Driving Records?

An Illinois driving record is a document that contains a person’s driving history, including their license status, any violations or accidents they have had, and any license suspensions or revocations. The record may also contain other information, such as traffic tickets, DUIs, and points on the driver’s license.

Where do insurance companies get driving records?

Insurance companies use driving records to determine a driver’s risk level, which impacts their insurance premiums. They obtain driving records from the Illinois Secretary of State’s office, where drivers can request their driving records.

How much do driving records cost?

In Illinois, the cost of obtaining a driving record varies depending on the record type and the request method. A standard driving record costs $12 in person or by mail and $13 when requested online. Certified copies of driving records are also available for a fee.

How to check driving records for free?

Illinois does not offer free driving records, but there are other ways to get free information about your driving record. You can check your credit report to see if any unpaid tickets or other issues impact your driving record. You can also check with your insurance company to see what information they have on file.

Car insurance for Bad Driving Records.

If you have a bad driving record, insurance companies may consider you a high-risk driver, which could result in higher insurance premiums. However, there are still ways to find affordable car insurance, even with a bad driving record. Shopping around and comparing rates from multiple insurance companies is one way to find a better deal.

Driving Records Search and Public Driving Records.

Illinois driving records are public records, meaning anyone can request a copy of someone else’s driving record. However, restrictions exist on who can access specific information in the record, such as social security numbers and medical information.

DMV Driving Records.

In Illinois, the Secretary of State’s office is responsible for maintaining driving records. Drivers can request their driving records in person, by mail, or online. insurance companies and other authorized entities can request driving records for individuals with their consent.


How can I request a copy of my Illinois driving record?

You can request a copy of your driving record in Illinois by visiting the Illinois Secretary of State website and following the instructions. Alternatively, you can ask for your record at a local Secretary of State office in person.

How long do traffic violations stay on my Illinois driving record?

Traffic violations typically remain on your Illinois driving record for four to five years from the date of the breach, depending on the severity of the offense. However, more severe crimes, such as DUIs, can remain on your record for up to 10 years.

Can insurance companies access my Illinois driving record?

Yes, insurance companies can access your Illinois driving record to determine your eligibility for coverage and to set your premium rates.

What is considered a bad driving record in Illinois?

Multiple traffic violations, accidents, or other driving-related offenses typically characterize a terrible driving record in Illinois. A bad driving record can result in higher insurance rates, license suspensions or revocations, and difficulty obtaining employment requiring driving.

Can I search public driving records in Illinois?

Yes, in Illinois, driving records are considered public records, which means they can be accessed by anyone who requests them. However, certain restrictions may apply to protect sensitive personal information.

How long does it take to receive an Illinois driving record?

The processing time for an Illinois driving record request can vary depending on the request method and other factors. Generally, it can take several days to receive a copy of your driving record. However, expedited services may be available for an additional fee.