Georgia Driving Records



Driving records are a vital part of your driving experience. They contain information about your driving histories, such as accidents, traffic violations, and license suspensions.

Insurance companies use this information to determine your insurance premiums. This article will look closely at Georgia driving records, where to get them, and what they contain.

What are Georgia’s driving records?

A Georgia driving record is a driver’s history on the road, including any accidents, traffic violations, and license suspensions. These records are maintained by the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) and are available to the public.

Where do insurance companies get driving records?

Insurance companies get driving records from the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or the Department of Driver Services (DDS). They use this information to determine your insurance premiums.

How much do driving records cost?

In Georgia, a certified driving record costs $3 for a 3-year, $4 for a 7-year history, and $5 for a complete driving record. The non-certified driving record costs $2. The DDS offers several ways to request your driving record online, by mail, and in person.

How to check driving records for free?

Georgia drivers can access their driving records for free through the DDS website. However, this record will not be certified, and insurance companies may not accept it as proof of your driving history. You will need to pay the fee if you need a certified copy of your driving record.

Car insurance for Bad Driving Records

If you have a bad driving record, you may find it challenging to get car insurance at an affordable rate. Insurance companies use driving records to determine your risk as a driver, and you may be considered high-risk if you have a history of accidents or traffic violations. However, options, such as non-standard auto insurance policies, are still available to help you get the coverage you need.

Driving Records Search and Public Driving Records

In Georgia, driving records are considered public records, which means anyone can request them. You can request a driving record by mail, in person, or online through the DDS website. You will need to provide identification and pay the appropriate fee.

DMV Driving Records

In Georgia, the Department of Driver Services maintains the driving records, not the DMV. However, the two agencies work closely together, and the DDS is responsible for issuing driver’s licenses and maintaining driving records.


What information is in a Georgia driving record?

A Georgia driving record typically includes your name, address, driver’s license number, driving history, traffic violations, accidents, and any license suspensions or revocations.

Can I get car insurance with a bad driving record in Georgia?

You can still get car insurance with a bad driving record in Georgia. However, your insurance rates may be higher due to your driving history.

What is a public driving record search?

A public driving record search is a service that allows anyone to access the driving records of another individual. In Georgia, privacy laws protect driving records, so public access is restricted.

Can I obtain my Georgia driving record online?

Yes, you can obtain your Georgia driving record online through the DDS website. However, you will need to pay a fee and provide personal information to verify your identity.