About Me

As a private investigator, I’ve invested the greater part of the last twenty-five years working on skip tracing assignments. The gamut is run by clients; from corporate entities to folks keen on tracing the family history of theirs and from lawyers and police departments to individuals interested in the possible criminal history of prospective partners.

I’ve had a long-standing association with police departments in Florida and Texas. Contrary to perception, the work of mine in private investigation hasn’t only involved tracking the criminal backgrounds of subjects but also their non-criminal histories. Like just about all other professionals in the line of mine of work, the nature of the assignments is specific to the clientele.

For instance:

I find individuals with criminal involvement for the Denton County So and local bail bondsmen.

I track criminal histories and the employment of prospective employees for corporates.

I find info pertaining to the commercial dealings and credit worthiness of potential associates and partners for businesses.

I trace the family histories for Genealogy Research Centers in Florida and Canada.

Along with these assignments, I also do a considerable amount of pro bono work for the Unclaimed Person’s Network. This’s a nonprofit that helps to trace the next of kin of decedents and lets them know of the demise of their friend/family member.

This’s a cause which is exceptionally close to the heart of mine because every year thousands of folks are actually denied closure as well as the ability to say their final goodbyes to their loved ones simply because the friends and families of the deceased can’t be traced.

Likewise, there are a lot of individuals out there who would like to connect with long lost friends and loved ones but do not know the whereabouts of theirs. I help them to reestablish these connections. As you can see, I offer 360-degree investigative services for both professional and personal purposes. Get in touch with me to:

Reconnect with children, birth parents, cousins, relatives and siblings.

Trace your family ‘s medical history/lineage.

Locate spousal support defaulters and child.

Find suspects who have skipped bail.

Get in touch with property owners.

Track vehicle ownership.

Find close relatives and legal heirs for probate purposes.

I offer the services of mine to realtors, lawyers, genealogy researchers, law enforcement agencies, vehicle repossession officers, insurance adjusters, probate attorneys and others. Thus, whatever the reasons of yours to investigate a subject, I can get you the info that you need and that will make a huge difference.


I collect data from nearly every federal, state and non-state-maintained database, which includes the TLO. This gives me the ability to get you the most accurate and information that is up to date. I place great emphasis on the quality of y work not just since I’m hyper conscious about the credibility of the work of mine but also since I love what I do.

I really believe that my job helps to make life, and that is usually full of hardships and complications, a little simpler. And this’s the understanding that fuels the passion of mine for the work of mine every day and for every situation. So, call me today for any skip tracing assignment that you’ve.

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